Website of “Zielgruppengerecht”, a podcast about HR and recruiting. Freelance work.
Front page
The home page.

Main features

  • Listen to the latest and any previous podcast episode in a web player
  • List page for episodes of the two categories “Tech Talk” and “Inside Out
  • Episode detail page with show notes, chapter marks and conclusion
  • All podcast data is fetched from Podigee via REST API and pre-rendered on the server using the incremental static page regeneration approach provided by Next.js. This way static pages are generated at build-time from the podcast data and Next.js will periodically regenerate updated pages or create new ones if needed at runtime.
  • Users can register and post comments

Used technologies

  • Next.js
  • React
  • Styled Components
  • TypeScript
  • CSS
  • PHP backend using Slim framework for comments and contact form handling
  • Firebase for authentication


The Zielgruppengerecht website was designed by Lukas Liniany.


Introduction of podcast hosts.
The web player for podcast episodes.
The paginated playlist (all episodes of one category).
The detail page for one specific episode showing its show notes, chapter marks and a conclusion (below).