Typeface Source Sans Variable

The CSS and web font files to easily self-host Source Sans Variable. This package is inspired by the effort of Kyle Mathews to create npm packages for all typefaces to improve loading performance.


npm install --save typeface-source-sans-variable


This package assumes you’re using webpack to process CSS and font files. Each typeface package includes all font files for modern browsers (WOFF2 and WOFF) and a CSS file with font-face declarations pointing at these files.

You will need to have webpack or a different bundler setup to load css and font files. Many tools built with Webpack will work out of the box with Typefaces such as Create React App and Gatsby.

Simply require the package in your project’s entry file:

// Load the Source Sans Variable typeface
import "typeface-source-sans-variable";

Progressive enhancement

All major browser support variable fonts as of 2018, but not all underlying operating system do as well. In Mac OS, for example, support was only introduced with version 10.13 Mojave. So to enable Source Sans Variable only in browsers, which support variable fonts a @supports query is used inside CSS:

/* Checks if variable fonts are supported */
@supports (font-variation-settings: "wght" 100) {
  @font-face {
    /* ... */