Website HTWK Smart Driving

This is the Gatsby JS based website of the HTWK Smart Driving team.


  • a current version of Node.js (use LTS if possible)
  • yarn


Please use yarn instead of npm (it's waaay faster and more reliable).

yarn install
yarn run dev

Run the following command to test a production build:

yarn run prod

How to write a new post

Adding a post is easy!

  1. Start the development server as descriped in the previous section (yarn dev).

  2. Add a new directory for the new post under src/posts/ and give it a meaningful name. Note that this name is only useful for other developers and will not affect the URL of this post.

  3. Create an Markdown file in the directory like the following example:

    title: My post title
    date: '2018-06-20'
    My **awesome** post content.
    ![My picture](./picture_in_same_directory.jpg)
  4. The website should show the newly created post and reflect content changes immediately. This means you can write your post in the markdown file and the page refreshes automatically.

  5. Commit your changes and merge the branch into master when you're happy with your post. Careful: the post will go live immediately (see Deployment)!

Production build

yarn build

Continous deployment

Every time the master branch is updated a GitLab pipeline will be triggered, which builds and deploys the website (see The document root on the server is under /var/www/html.