How to reduce space after headings in KOMA-Script (LaTeX)

August 2019Jonathan Gruber

I am convinced that LaTeX is still the smallest evil when it comes to writing scientific papers. There is simply nothing better for creating complex documents if you care about page layout, typography and “scalability”. While LaTex is great in many aspects, some tasks are complicated or hard to achieve. I don’t want to know how much time I wasted the last years fighting with LaTeX.

One example I stumbled upon is the spacing after headings in KOMA-Script. After searching the web I found the following snippet, which shows how to decrease the space after a specific type of heading. In my opinion, the default skip value is too large for small sections like a \subsubsection. Also, note the runin option. It needs to bet set to false to prevent the next paragraph from being set on the same line as the heading.